Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Realisation of "no thoughts" meditation might come only afterwards

Here is something I experienced a couple of hours ago and though I might have to edit this text, I wanted to share it already to anyone interested in meditation, especially the "no thoughts" meditation as I call it now. As usual, it contains some on-first-sight contradictions that really aren't if you think it through. If you know me, you might still not be used to it, but at least you're warned now. :-)
I hope once to create a meditation youtube channel and you might catch the edited version then.

Here I go...

When you are meditating on "just being", "not thinking" -or at least the one I experienced once, near Oeiras, Portugal, august 2017- and when you reach it, you won't realize it on that moment, because I suppose that would mean you just lost it because realizing is some way of thinking, or at least losing your focus.  But you  might realize it after your meditation. At least that is what I did then.
Don't worry, you will still enjoy the meditation! Though that's the wrong word, "enjoy". Maybe "get the benefits" of the meditation? But that's wrong too, and not complete because it loses something that was meant in the word "enjoy". Point is, it's good even if you don't realize it -something our society might have to learn- and, for the beginners out there, it's not like sleeping or being death AT ALL.

I had it then and it was different as I imagined, I didn't "NOT think" as much during the whole meditation, actually much less in time than I'm used too, though maybe more in the amount of "no thoughts" on afew rare occasion(s). So I thought quite a few things during the whole duration of the meditation, but I was calm and in the moment. Maybe I really experienced no (upper*) thoughts at all at some point, but I can't remember clearly. Maybe that's part of it? So, I don't know for sure if I got complete "no thoughts" moment(s), but what I'm sure about is that I reached something. (Finally, after 10 years or so, finally it's starting again! Self-note: Don't drop it! It' volatile!)
I know I reached something because a couple of hours later, I realized it! There were even some leftovers, for example when I could just be with my dog -sweet Stella; she's always "in the moment"-, just be in the love, in the being together and being all right, just the 2 of us, on that moment and nothing more or less. (Without thinking in future or past or thinking how I enjoy it or any other meta-experiences.) (And that's when I start writing this. Hi, here is Ruby from that time. Bye. -edit- note for youtube joke?)

And for me, that is quite an accomplishment, that kind of just being with my dog and enjoying it. But you might think that's nothing special and you experience things like that all the time.. And you might! Who am I to know? But my point is that I got it thanks to that meditation and I never get much of these. So, it improved myself there. So, who knows what or where you might get?
Hell! I might be way behind you on several things, maybe even all, but I think I might still teach or motivate you to get further. That's a possible thing, you know? I hope that I at least teached or motivated you a bit (partly joking; it's also all right if you are also much further. :-) -edit- will people get this joke?)

Now, maybe a more advanced "meditator" might realize the "just being", "without thoughts", and now I mean realize without thinking. I would doubt it after this experience or in general that realizing is possible without some rational cognition. You know, without that first entity*, your top singularity thinker where everything is serial and nothing happens at once..
But who knows that if you get used to experience this and for long times at once (instead the short one or ones I got), you get a kind of second sense and you can realize it after all, without thinking about it or without focussing on the realisation or maybe realisation can then happen in those other regions*. 

I wish you all progress on your enlightenment, whichever you need..
(Don't tell me I said this, but I believe there is only one fore everyone, though the path might be different for each.)

"upper thoughts",
"top thinker",
"mind regions",
"first entity",
"top singularity thinker, where everything is serial and nothing happens at once..":
If you want to know more about all the different regions and mind levels I have experienced and encountered through meditation, that will be for another time..

Sunday, July 9, 2017

One that is not able to abandon anything,
will fail to bring about any change.

Something that I got from the anime "Attack on Titan".

Found it very beautiful and I myself am not completely able to abandon anything..Working on it!
I have in the past, but apparently it was not a permanent ability.

(I think it's misplaced in the general ethics of the anime, more or less, but yeah..)

The meaning of life

Life, the meaning thereof?
God, 42, redemption, the hereafter..?
First let's live & love
and talk about it after..

  • Humor intended! Nonetheless, the clue of the real meaning I aim for, lies in the same last phrase.. 
  • 42, what? -> http://hitchhikers.wikia.com/wiki/42

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

I'm a buddhist & a nihilist,
an empiricist & idealistic fantasist,
a nerd & an anarchist,
a thinker & a slapstick winker,
a square & a dare,

Putting people in a box IS being trapped inside a box!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Let it (not) be

For 5 months I wished to write a resistance version of "Let it be" from The Beatles, because every time I sing it, I feel there is something wrong with it*.
First 5 months was a disaster! "The Doors" and "Curt Cobain" kept making me rape Mother Mary, and although that's strong language to start a resistance, it sounded a bit too wrong..This and other dead roads kept it to only 3 words all that time! :-)
Today: All words came at once! YES!

Chords are like the normal version, but I advice one change in vocals. See bottom.
I hope you enjoy this version of "Let it be"!

Let it (not just) be!

When I find myself in times of trouble,
Mother Poison comes to me,
urging me to drea-eam and let it be.
And in my hour of wakings,
she is standing right in front of me,
shrieking words of authority: Let it be!

Let us sleep, let us sleep, let us sheep, let us sheep,
buying things of promise: Let it be.

And we're the broken harted people,
living in the world un-free,
there will be NO answer if you let it be.
Today we may be parted,
there is still a chance that we will see,
WE will be the answer: Let it OUT!

Let it out, Let it out, Let it NO-OT ju-ust be,
Shout of resistance! Let it not just be.

And when the night is cloudy,
Let's start the light that changes us,
shines a new tomorrow: let it out!
Let's wake up to this sound of music,
Don't rely on Mother Mary,
let's fight the oppression: Let it NOT JUST BE!!

Though I think it speaks for itself and I like open interpretation, let me specify what I thought of with some parts of the lyrics:
The poison are the state and other powers that keep us down and sleeping, as well as our induced state of sleep, our weakness that let us sleep!
"Buying things" of promise also refers to consumerism (our "Bread & Games") as well as the powers soothing us "It will be all all right." (Let it be) "You will be happy soon!"
"Today we may be parted" refers to the lack of a critical mass as well as to the ones that are still waking (more or less or more) fighting among each other. Let's rise above our human condition and not fight among each other. Too many organisations are breaking up, too many personal problems break our resistance!


Verse ( x2 )
C     G
Am    F
(C)   G   F  C

C   Am  G  F   C
(C)     G  F   C


I find it beautifull when highering your voice pitch a half or complete octave (I think) in the second part of the second verse ("there is still.."). That's where for the first time the negative breaks into the positive. But come back to normal pitch in the chorus,unless you have a very wide voice-range! :-)


something wrong with the version of The Beatles: I don't mean that it's not a beautiful song or that I think they meant something bad by it. I can appreciate it in it's original form a lot. It's just that something gnawed on me that I had to do this. So, no disrespect, Beatles!